Actions and inspiration for navigating a changing world using state-level economic, behavioral, and demographic data.

We group states based on how they reacted to the COVID-19 outbreak using economic, behavioral, and demographic data

Last week, I won the second place in Wharton Hackathon with Luxi Wei, George Tolkachev, Ran Chen, and Cleo Yang, a rock star team of engineers, data scientists, and strategists from the graduate schools of the University of Pennsylvania. Sponsored by Wharton and, it was the first hackathon I joined after graduating from Wharton this May, and the only hackathon I completed 100% virtual. Although we‘ve been taking classes online since the start of the year, it was our first time to immersively “work…

Susie Fan

Product Manager at Amazon International. Designer, coder, economist, and singer. Read about my latest inventions here:

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